Siyu "Lorraine" Ning
Xi'an, China
IG: lorrainening

Memories are intertwined in our mind in such a way that often confuses time and space. When I realized the deepest connection to memories through sensation that people could reach is olfaction, I began to use scent in combination with photography as another way to present memories. Memories are hidden in a scent, waiting for the right moment to be awakened. 

Photography, as a way of recording, is often high-definition and highly descriptive. Therefore, photography has a close relationship with visual perception. In my soft and abstract photographic images, the particularity of time and place is deliberately diluted, and the traditional objects in the photographic images are eliminated to challenge the viewer to locate themselves in relation to the photographs. 

I see my process of photographing and creating scents as a way to find myself, to connect past lives with my current life, thereby creating a montage of time and space. The ambiguity of the photograph stimulates the viewer's self-consciousness to the greatest extent, while also spurring profound examination of the particular ways one expects photographs to affect them.